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WelcomeTrack Team 🚀


Frédéric Mirebeau, WelcomeTrack CEO

WelcomeTrack team in our Paris office, rue d'Hauteville

Yann Bohoussou, Back-end developper

Priscillia Kumodzi, Content Manager

Antoine Bapst, Full stack developer

Yannick Couassi-Blé, Technical lead 

Wahid Hamdi, Support engineer

Rémy Séréna, Sales team leader

Fabian Lozano, Customer success manager

Our commitments

Corporate social responsibility at WelcomeTrack

We are taking steps to make a more positive impact, both inside and outside our company.

The two main pillars are:



We feel strongly about environmental responsibility. We are making headway in raising awareness and reducing our carbon footprint as a company.

What we do :

  • We have committed to reducing our carbon emissions by signing the Climate Act, initiated by Shine.

  • Computers, mobile phones, chargers, headphones, etc. We asked Zack, a company specialised in e-recycling, to collect all our used computer equipment on site, to carry out an inventory and diagnostics. We then used their expertise to identify what can be sold, given to associations, repaired, or recycled.

    Here are the results of the e-recycling campaign at WelcomeTrack:

    - 64 kg of recovered materials

    - 9.47 tons of CO2 emissions avoided (equivalent of 9 Paris-NY return flights)

    - 1.67 hours of work financed at Ateliers Sans Frontières (an association promoting the social and professional integration of young people and adults in France and in developing countries)

    We are at the very start of this journey, and we know that we have a long way to go, but we are determined to keep up our efforts to improve these results.


Diversity and inclusion

Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds and shares common values. We aim to create a professional environment where differences are a strength, both within our team and with our partners.