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Analyse and optimise your post-purchase activities

Get the right information and analyse the performance of your carriers and logistics providers with our tracking tool.

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Measure the quality of your service

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Analyse all logistics monitoring indicators from the moment the order is placed to the point of delivery

The WelcomeTrack platform integrates and analyses real-time data from logistic and shipping flows. You can then produce reports to measure your efficiency from order preparation to the actual delivery.

Use our predefined tables to obtain an objective analysis of the service quality of your carriers across all stages of the post-purchase experience: from order confirmation to parcel delivery to your customer all the way through to returns.

We provide an order tracking tool to help you detect anomalies, diagnose the cause of each problem and communicate with your stakeholders.

Build your own reports

Choose the most relevant KPIs and create custom tables that will identify and highlight the data that really matters to you and eliminate unnecessary information.

With 100+ KPIs available, you can analyse your delivery times and see if you keep your customer delivery promise 


View your post-purchase data in real time 

WelcomeTrack gives you access to a business intelligence tool that helps you analyse your logistics and shipping activities.

Welcome Track’s visual business intelligence interface provides you with detailed interactive mapping to identify friction points.

  • Detailed map
  • Drill down / multi level analysis
  • Multi critera filters
Analyse transport et logistique