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Build brand loyalty with a comprehensive delivery tracking system

Use every parcel tracking activity as an opportunity to communicate and retain customers. Turn any situation, negative or positive, into an opportunity to connect with customers.

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Proactively communicate with delivery notifications

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Improve post-purchase customer satisfaction with proactive delivery notifications

Identify and anticipate problems with our real-time delivery tracking tool. Reassure your customers and notify them before they contact you.

Build post-purchase journeys that can be customised according to your communication strategy

Configure the perfect message for each step of the customer journey and make them most pertinent to your brand and your delivery promise.

Customised notifications

Our platform enables you to design branded emails and SMS messages with ease.

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Use tracking pages to involve your customers


No more going to third-party tracking sites and copying and pasting tracking numbers.

Keep your customers within your branded environment rather than referring them to the carriers' tracking pages and losing your website audience.

WelcomeTrack enables you to create personalised tracking pages with your corporate design.

Your marketing and customer relations departments can create the most eye-catching tracking pages for your customers.


Reassure your customers

While waiting for their orders, customers tend to be anxious and want information.

Tracking pages are an ideal opportunity to keep customers in your branded environment and enhance their shopping experience by showing relevant information while they are waiting for their orders to be delivered.

On average, WelcomeTrack pages are consulted 3 times per order.


Create added value and upsell opportunities

Tracking pages are the ideal opportunity to add value, create a fully personalised experience for your customers, and generate more revenue.

Use this space to drive business growth by including product recommendations, how-to tips, and your brand's latest news.

WelcomeTrack order tracking emails are opened 2 to 3 times more often than marketing campaign emails. Used this opportunity to tell your customers about your other products.  

Take control of your e-commerce returns management

Gestion Retours e-commerce

Printing labels has never been easier!

Make returns management easier for your customer service department.

You can print return labels directly from our platform.

You no longer need to juggle between the different carriers' platforms and your customer relationship management tool.

With WelcomeTrack, your customers can also print a return label in pdf format via your website or the tracking page. This makes the return of items even easier.

And it eliminates the need to contact customer service to request a return number – the process is entirely automated.

Real-time tracking of returns

WelcomeTrack gives you an overview of returns coming back to your warehouse.

This automatic tracking can directly trigger a refund which in turn improves the post-purchase experience.

Your customers also have access to a dedicated returns page that allows them to track every step of the process from label printing to refunds.

You have a full control of your e-commerce returns.

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Mesure the post-purchase customer satisfaction

Launch satisfaction surveys at the right time

Choose the best time to distribute a satisfaction survey to your customers so that they are most likely to respond.

You can directly analyse the answers of your satisfaction surveys, identify your promoters as well as your detractors.

WelcomeTrack also analyses customer comments and presents them to you using our word cloud.

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