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Build stronger customer relationships

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Where is my order ?

Does your customer service department get bombarded by WISMO (Where Is My Order) calls?

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Reduce the number of calls to your customer service

Inbound delivery-related calls are the biggest problem your customer service department faces. They represent 30% to 60% of the activity of customer support activity and cost between £1.00 and £2.00 per call depending on the location of the call centre.

Set up a proactive delivery tracking system with WelcomeTrack and you will significantly reduce the volume of these messages.


Be more proactive

Lighten your customer service department’s load by proactively communicating with optimised notifications and tracking pages to increase customer satisfaction. Send notifications to your customers to pre-empt their need to contact you.


Make your employees' work easier

Now you only need one ergonomic and reliable work interface to organise and facilitate the work of your employees. You have access to the entire order history to better respond to customer complaints and thus reduce your time and budget for training of new agents. In fact, WelcomeTrack analyses and transcribes the tracking statuses from the carriers, giving the platform user access to an instant overview of the situation.


Manage your e-commerce rerturns

Automated tracking of your e-commerce returns means that you can optimise your early refund policy for a better post-purchase customer experience. Being able to refund swiftly strengthens your customer relationship and enhances your brand image with consumers.

Send satisfaction surveys at the right time

It's quick and easy! Schedule your surveys to be sent to your customers at a time that suits them best.

You can directly analyse the answers to your satisfaction polls and measure the loyalty of your customers thanks to NPS surveys in the WelcomeTrack platform.

Améliorez satisfaction client et le NPS