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6 post-purchase emails you should send to boost your sales

E-tailers often rely heavily on acquisition. A perfect sales funnel, a steady flow of communication – they do everything to encourage the prospect to buy. 

Why not continue these efforts after the purchase to build customer loyalty and encourage future sales? 

Customers who completed an order in your shop must have enjoyed their shopping experience, so you might just as well extend it. 

Especially since the post-purchase phase is often a source of anxiety for consumers. They need to be reassured about where the order is, how long it will take to deliver it, etc. Without accurate information about these aspects, you may end up with a high WISMO (Where Is My Order) rate which can be costly to process. 

What’s more, post-purchase communication is often neglected and left to the carriers. Their emails are generated within their brand space and are not always easy to understand for the customer. This stage of post-purchase communication is the make-or-break touchpoint in the relationship between e-tailers and their customers. 

If you don't send post-purchase emails, you'll miss out on future sales and your customers will turn to one of your competitors for their next purchase. In this article, we’ll explain how to create a post-purchase email flow that will help you keep your customers happy and encourage future orders in your e-commerce shop. 

Here are the 6 types of emails you need to master for a successful post-purchase experience: 


1 - Order confirmation email 

This is the first email you need to send to inform the customer that the order has been processed. 

2 - Delayed shipment email

At this stage, it is helpful to warn the customer if there is a delay in shipment and reassure them.

3 - Shipping confirmation email

This email informs the customer that the package is on its way. The more details about the shipment, the more reassuring it is for your customer. 

4 - Email advising of any delivery problems

When an unexpected problem occurs during delivery, it is vital to inform your customer that their package will take longer to arrive and to offer them a way to contact you if necessary. 

5 - Package delivery notification email

This should be sent when the buyer has not received the parcel in person and indicate if the parcel has been delivered to a letterbox or to a third party.

6 - Customer satisfaction survey email

Make sure you collect comments and opinions from your customers to prove the quality of your post-purchase experience or to improve this phase. 


The golden rules of post-purchase emails: 


1 - Follow a specific mailing order. This may sound logical, but it is important to send each post-purchase message at the right time so that it matches the actual order processing. Delivering the right message at the right time will increase your chances of turning one-off buyers into loyal customers!


2 - Make sure you have consistent data. The information available on your different media – customer area, retailer or carrier email, tracking page etc. – must be consistent. If the information is inconsistent, users will call your customer service. 


3 - Automate your emails with the right software, otherwise you might get confused. 


4 - Offer additional relevant content in your emails. Information such as brand and catalogue news, tutorials, or purchase recommendations is a useful way to generate additional sales. Be relevant – the content must be adapted to the needs and desires of your customers. 


5 - Personalise your communication. Make your customers feel privileged to gain their trust and make the shopping experience a high-end one. Customise your email notifications with your brand identity. Use your brand’s colours, images, logos, and typography to adapt your email to your visual identity. 


6 - Be honest and transparent. The subject line of your emails should reflect the content. Ask your customers for their preferred channel of communication (email, SMS, WhatsApp).


How to create post-purchase email campaigns? 

Relevant and personalised email campaigns will help you to engage with your customers and stay fresh in their minds. 

Using a post purchase SaaS solution such as WelcomeTrack can help you create a unique post-purchase experience by proactively communicating with your customers through email notifications, delivery tracking and return pages, customised with your visual identity.

Curious about the ways WelcomeTrack can help you create effective post-purchase emails? 

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